Montana’s Constitution affords all Montanans the right to a clean and healthful environment. In support of this Constitutional right, Montana law provides a remedy for properties and property owners affected by environmental contamination. Unfortunately, environmental contamination comes in many forms, including: oil, gas, and diesel leaks; solvent spills; agricultural pollution; mine waste; noxious fumes; the release of toxins; erosion and sediment transport; and other surface and groundwater pollution.

Property owners and users impacted by this contamination can pursue claims to clean the contamination and obtain damages for things like loss of use and emotional harms. However, pursuing these cases can be very costly and time consuming. We have worked with the preeminent environmental engineers and scientists in Montana to help landowners restore their properties to pre-contamination conditions. We have litigated these claims against large and small entities like oil and gas companies, BNSF Railway, gas stations, and irrigation districts. Whether you have suffered personal injuries or property damage as a result of environmental contamination, we have the resources and experience to navigate these challenging cases.