Montana workers are entitled to a safe workplace. Unfortunately, all too often, workers are exposed to unsafe conditions. Unsafe conditions might include a dangerous work environment, a lack of supervision, a lack of training or instruction, unsafe tools, unsafe equipment, a lack of manpower, insufficient personal protective equipment, the presence of toxic chemicals and fumes, and other dangerous work conditions.

Working in dangerous conditions imposes obligations of safety on companies responsible for the job site. Most often, companies cannot delegate the safety obligations imposed on them. If you are injured through the negligence of your employer or coworker, and the employer provides workers’ compensation coverage, you may be limited to workers’ compensation benefits. However, at job sites involving multiple companies and/or general contractors, an entity other than the immediate employer often maintains a duty of safety which it cannot delegate to subcontractors. Given how much time workers spend in the workplace, those subjected to unsafe conditions are likely to suffer workplace injuries at some point in their working careers.

For many years, our firm has represented people who have been seriously and catastrophically injured in the workplace setting. We have represented people who were injured in or around refineries, construction sites, oil and gas fields, mines, industrial plants, utility companies and facilities, the railroad, etc. It is imperative that injured workers be informed about all potential sources of recovery to obtain the assistance they need. We have the experience to guide clients through the difficulties associated with catastrophic workplace injuries.