Responsible individuals carry insurance to protect against catastrophic and financially stressful events. Responsible insurers abide by their obligations in the face of loss. However, all too often, insurance companies put their own interests ahead of ours.

Montana law requires that insurance companies act fairly and in good faith when presented with an insurance claim. Insurers have to correctly represent the terms of coverage, act reasonably and promptly in communications, reasonably and promptly investigate claims, adopt standards governing the investigation of claims, affirm or deny a claim within a reasonable period of time, attempt in good faith to ensure a fair settlement when liability is reasonably clear, etc. While these seem like reasonable obligations for a responsible insurance company to meet, sadly, not all insurers agree. Insurers who do not act in good faith attempt to take advantage of people at vulnerable times in our lives. And, navigating the insurance waters often appears overwhelming.

Our firm deals with insurers and insurance issues weekly. We routinely confront automobile, property, health, life, professional malpractice, disability, commercial liability, excess/umbrella, and/or workers’ compensation insurance companies. We deal with these insurance companies to ensure they abide by their obligations under Montana law. And, we pursue bad faith claims against insurance companies who violate Montana law. We have worked against nearly every major insurance company in the United States, and some international insurers. We have the experience and resources to represent people who have been treated unfairly by these powerful companies.